i rlly like the hunger games and sherlock a lOt


the one fixed point in a changing age


There was one feature, and only one feature, of interest in the whole of this baffling case, and quite frankly it was the usual. John Watson - who, while I was trying to solve the murder, instead saved a life. 

So Sherlock has admitted, to a whole room full of people who know that he has committed his life and the entirety of his attention span to crime-solving, that he finds John Watson more interesting than most of his cases. John Watson is more interesting to Sherlock than a crime scene. More interesting than an attempted murder he can’t solve.

we all want the same thing.


An edit a day Benedict Cumberbatch - [27/?]


An edit a day Benedict Cumberbatch - [27/?]


I’m impressed how many posts about John being the “heart” and Sherlock being the “brain” still circulate in this fandom. One of the main points of this show is to break that dichotomy. John is a highly intelligent man and as the show progresses, Sherlock’s actions are driven more by the relationships he has built and less by cold hard logic.



in which molly tells us how sherlock complained to her that john leaves him for a couple of days

(because shylocks asked for this and because i agree)